Portable Car Washer in Pakistan


This is a reality that not all that numerous people appreciate the tedious activity of keeping up the vehicle constantly. This is fundamentally because of the time and exertion associated with the procedure. This is the explanation that various auto clean experts and vehicle proprietors are continually searching for such vehicle washing types of gear that will help in disentangle the cleaning procedure. Naaptol Pakistan has thought of a result of its sort as the Portable Car Washer. This gear is essentially intended to wash the vehicle washing by consolidating the correct mix of stream rates, temperature and weight levels.

The Naaptol Pakistan Automatic Car Washer is furnished with a solid, ground-breaking firearm that tosses the water at the higher weight. The mystery of the Naaptol Pakistan Portable Car Washer lies in its high pressurized water that can without much of a stretch spread the absolute separation up to 10 meters. It likewise spares the time and exertion of the client. The vehicle pressure washer highlights pressure level around 1500 psi. This is the ideal strain to wash the vehicle without harming the outside of the vehicle. One of the unparalleled highlights of the washer is that it can toss the pressurized water while the client is occupied in brushing the vehicle.

Perhaps the greatest preferred position of the vehicle pressure washer is its low-stream rates. This vehicle washer expends less nature of water, so you don’t need to endure the huge service bills toward the month’s end. This very element makes the vehicle washer as a perfect for use on fragile pieces of the car. This adaptable convenient vehicle washer will evacuate thick cakes of residue and soil in minutes.

The utilization of the Naaptol Pakistan Portable Car Washer isn’t constrained to vehicle washing as it were. You can utilize this washer for different purposes as Gardening, Pest Control, Construction, Agriculture and other family unit purposes. The vehicle washer is joined by a huge limit water tank. This water tank can without much of a stretch store water up to 1 liter, so clients don’t need to top off the tank each time.

The Portable Car Washer is controlled by a standard cigarette lighter connector, from where it gets its name. Moreover, the washer is produced using the most excellent ABS material that doesn’t harm effectively under typical use. Clients can likewise control the speed of the shower with controller. The Naaptol Pakistan Automatic Car Washer accompanies an enormous 6 meter hosepipe that is sufficiently adequate to wash different autos all the while.

The Naaptol Pakistan Car Washer is a perfect item for pretty much every work place, living spot and expert vehicle administration focuses. This item can be requested only from the site of Naaptol Pakistan. You can check the total scope of our items at www.naaptolshop.pk

How to utilize the Naaptol Pakistan Portable Car Washer?

You can utilize the washer with the assistance of following advances:

In the initial step, You need to fill the 16 liter pail with new water and afterward close the top to stay away from spillage

In the following stage, you need to append the associating pipes in the right way

In the following stage, interface the splash firearm at the base of the

In the fourth step, plug in the force link to the car’s cigarette lighter compartment

Presently you are all set. Simply switch on the force button situated on the container to begin the 40 watt engine

In the following stage, hold the spout firearm and press the trigger to begin the activity

You can likewise mount the cleaning brush toward one side of the splash weapon to all the while clean and wash the vehicle

Proceed with the activity until your vehicle is cleaned from any stores of residue and soil

Extra Specifications of the Naaptol Pakistan Portable Car Washer:

Multipurpose vehicle washer

Huge Compartment of 16 liters

Splashes water at the higher weight

Accompanies 6 meter hose

Produced using most excellent ABS plastic

Fueled by cigarette lighter compartment

Joined by 3 meter power link

Snazzy and versatile

Activity is simple and basic

Joined by committed cleaning brush

Specialized Specifications of the Naaptol Pakistan Portable Car Washer:

Material: A-Grade Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic material

Controlled by: 40 watt stomach siphon

Tank Capacity: 16 Liters

Working Pressure: 2 – 6 KG/cm²

Wellspring of Power: 12 V standard vehicle cigarette lightning compartment

Length of Hose: 6 Meters

Length of Power Cable: 3 Meters

Measurements: 42.4 x 36.8 x 34.8 cm (L x W x H)

Weight: 5 KG

What you will get?

1 x Spray Nozzle Gun

1 x 16 Liters limit Water Bucket

1 x Cleaning Brush

1 x Brush Connector

1 x Power Cable for attachment charger

1 x Cotton Cloth


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