Tonific Hand Massager in Pakistan


The Tonific hand massager fortifies your entire body, including mid-region, legs and arms. It gives profound puncturing in the skin layers that assists with expelling fats and quickens the consuming of calories with no activity. The Tonific hand massager is perfect for forming the body by limits the fats. It helps in lessening weight, yet in addition gives solace to the client. Additionally, it improves the flow of blood and expels strong agonies adequately.

How Tonific Hand Massager functions?

The accomplishment of Tonific hand massager lies in the process that performs 27000 vibrations in a single moment. In view of its rapid and force, it deals with the more profound layers of the skin and evacuates the abundance fat. Simply use it for 10-15 minutes consistently to acquire the ideal outcomes. Its prosperity depends on the old Asian method where the needles were embedded somewhere down in the skin to treat different physical and mental sicknesses.

It is the main hand massager in the market with moving Accu balls that can be utilized for both hot and cold treatment. To get the best outcomes, put the Accu balls on the ice for one hour before utilizing the massager.

Unmistakable highlights of Tonific Hand Massager:

Astonishing massager with both cold and hot treatment.

Adaptability of changing the Accu balls.

Extraordinary muscle unwinding.

Constant fat remover.

Bent gesture.

Information: 220 V.

Force: 20 W.

Rapid of 27000 cycles for each moment.

Tonific Hand Massager Pakistan Package incorporates:

Three sorts of Accu balls.

Loosen knead Device.

Tireless fat remover knead.

Impulse rub for torment in muscles.


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