Vibro Shape Slimming Belt in Pakistan


The Naaptol Pakistan Vibro Shape Slimming Belt is an expert thinning gadget that assists with conditioning the muscle of the posterior, thighs, calves and shoulders. The Vibro shape thinning belt is maybe the most advantageous method for loosing stoutness. This one of a kind belt improves the course of blood, increment the muscle quality and consume the fat store of the body. It fits every one of the people with midriff running from 24 to 55 inches. The belt works with the warmth work that consumes the unnecessary fats from the body. The fats at that point changed into unsaturated fat that discharges out of the body as sweat.

The Vibro shape thinning belt accompanies a remote control. Clients can control every one of the elements of the belt with the assistance of the remote control. These capacities included as the turning the belt on/off, changing the warmth and changing the vibration strategy. You wouldn’t get another weight thinning gadget in this class to get free the issue of stoutness. Presently you can separate the fat store in your body without the need to do any tedious exercise.

The utilization of the Vibro shape thinning belt is exceptionally basic and simple. You simply need to mount the belt on the stomach to make it work and there’s nothing more to it. So as to give more solace and simplicity of activity, clients can work the Naaptol Pakistan Vibro shape thinning belt on five diverse power levels. The multipurpose belt naturally turns off following 10 minutes. The belt comprises of two engines; one is utilized for warming and one is for kneading reason.

The belt works with no gel. So you don’t have to apply any extra gel on your tummy territory before utilizing the belt. You can without much of a stretch utilize the belt in your office, home or some other living spot. Presently bid farewell to the sub-par quality thinning items and put in your request for the Vibro Shape Slimming Belt from Naaptol Pakistan now!

How to Operate the Naaptol Pakistan Vibro Shape Slimming Belt?

The belt can be utilized by the accompanying advances:

Mount the belt on your stomach zone

Fitting the connector into the divider attachment to turn on the thinning belt

In the following stage, press the mode button on the remote control to set the vibration mode

After that press the catch to set the power level settings

In the subsequent stage, press the catch to modify the warmth setting of the thinning belt

You are finished!

Extra Features of the Naaaptol Pakistan Vibro Shape Slimming Belt:

Adaptable thinning belt

Savvy and polished plan

Controlled by 2 engines. One engine is for vibrating and other is for warming purposes

5 movable speed levels

Works with remote control

Consequently shut-off following ten minutes

Suits people with 24 – 55 inch squander


Simple to utilize

Accompanies extra augmentation belt

Specialized Specifications of the Naaptol Pakistan Vibro Shape Slimming Belt:

Voltage: 220 volts

Yield of 2A charger: 24 volts

RPM: 5000-6500 rounds for every moment

Fueled by: 12 volts 2 ampere connector

What you will get?

1 x Vibro Shape Slimming Belt with remote control

1 x 12 V 2 ampere power connector

1 x Power Cable (For Adapter)

1 x Additional expansion belt

1 x Carrying Belt

1 x Instruction Manual


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